Everyone Is Afraid Of What Lurks In The Dark...


Welcome to New Yorkshire, a supposedly peaceful town - that is until it's suddenly running rampant with ghouls and ghosts! And somehow you are the center to solving this madness, which would be easier said than done if you knew why you found yourself drawn to this hellish city!

Seeking refuge at the local High School, you meet up with a torn bunch of survivors who are sceptical of your arrival but depend on your help. Can you figure out the mystery before the zombies or, indeed themselves, tear themselves to shreds?!

Fear Of The Dark is a loving 16-BIT tribute to classic survival horror games from the late 90s - inspired by series like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Clock Tower, Parasite Eve, and Sweet Home.

  • Survive hordes of the undead and terrifying bosses!
  • Collect ammo, MediPaks, and antidotes to survive!
  • Find tools like knives and explosive devices to help give you an edge in combat!
  • Use herbs to create powerful elixirs to raise your stats!
  • Overcome a wide variety of devious puzzles!
  • Uncover the horrors within...


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