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This is my personal site showcasing my skills, portfolio, and hosting my own personal blog. Read on to find out more about me, what I do, how to get in touch, and more!

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Full Stack Web Technologies. Independent Game Developer. Geek. Critic.

Juniper Studios was founded in April 2020 during the first national lockdown of Britain's Coranavirus Pandemic. During that time I was furloughed and decided to focus my free time on finishing, polishing, and publishing my first developed video game, Fear Of The Dark. Since then I have found a new job and passion as a web developer, and subsequently continued to learn the newest and best technologies and practices in full-stack web development.

The games arm of Juniper Studios is focused on developing low-cost, high-quality games. I like to take tired old conventions and tropes in video games and give them a modern and unique spin. A lot of my inspiration comes from the 90s, in which I think was the golden age for video games.

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Fear Of The Dark

Fear Of The Dark

Everyone Is Afraid Of What Lurks In The Dark...

Welcome to New Yorkshire, a supposedly peaceful town - that is until it's suddenly running rampant with ghouls and ghosts! And somehow you are the center to solving this madness, which would be easier said than done if you knew why you found yourself drawn to this hellish city!

Seeking refuge at the local High School, you meet up with a torn bunch of survivors who are sceptical of your ...

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